What does Affordable Modular Homes (AMH) do?

Affordable Modular Homes will discuss with you the ideal design for your section or development and will then order the complete house unit from our ISO9000 Certified factory in China. During construction and prior to being loaded out for shipping the International company SGS will be inspecting all stages of construction to ensure that every part complies with NZ standards and will be properly finished.

We will ensure all buildings meet code compliance.

On arrival at our NZ depot, the houses are taken out of containers and checked by an MPI certified inspector and ourselves to ensure all components have arrived as specified  and there is no damage.

Prior to entering any sales AMH has worked extensively with top NZ designers and engineers to ensure that all parts meet compliance and the homes are constructed to meet weather, wind and snow loadings in various parts of New Zealand.


What does the buyer do?

Applies for all permits. AMH will ensure buyers have full set of plans and engineering drawings to assist in this.

Arrange geotechnical site inspection if required

Foundations. Buyers have a choice of foundations from  screw piles (which we recommend) and a concrete slab.

Buyer arranges for electrical and plumbing work and connection to services.


What can the buyer change?

For starter homes we recommend that buyers accept the basic structure but there are opportunities to change the ‘look’ of the house by using different colours exterior colours from our range.

What is the quality of the flooring, grade of carpet? We allow a PC sum of $5,000 for buyers to choose their own carpet

Are we able to select colour schemes both internal and external? To some extent. The houses do come pre-finished internally in neutral colours however all surfaces take paint and wallpaper if buyers desire after sale changes.

Joinery colours, is there a choice? Most of the joinery has durable white surfacing with stone bench tops. There is a modest choice of colours for the stone.

Can external walls be painted? Yes, if properly prepared. All external surfaces are pre-painted coloursteel but they can be re-coated with hi UV resistant paint.

Can I change the design and add extra rooms if I want? As needs change it is not that complex to add or remove an extra room as required. Each situation is unique and can be discussed with one of the team.

Can I fit my own bathroom out? No. Bathrooms are manufactured off-site and arrive fully fitted including wall and floor tiling.


Who will build the property? We have several trained building companies around New Zealand although naturally you can use your own builder. We have a trained senior builder who you can contract to advise on construction if required.

Do door sizes fit NZ door sizes 1980 High 610mm 660mm 710mm 760mm 810mm 860mm .Yes

If you’re in a wheelchair, can doorways be 780 clear and 750 right angle handrail into bathroom Yes

Can I get glass in NZ that will fix and come up to the same code for windows? Glass meets NZ Standards for safety and ordinary glazing. Double Glazed windows are thermally broken for comfort

What are the floors made of? The properties come complete with subframe that contains insulation and is part of the structure. The floor itself is fibre-cement that will take vinyl or carpet.

Energy efficiency of the window, what rating? The double-glazed windows are fully compliant, and the added feature of thermal breaks prevents heat leakage to the outside.

Are house components sustainably resourced and any possible health issues with giving off odours? House components are sustainable sourced and there are no health issues associated with fumes from manufactured materials.

Who connects property to main supply? Your own contractor

Is the structure designed to allow for a carport to be added later? Yes and/or garage. Designs can be independently sited or have internal access to the property. The house proper does not include a garage as the layout and location of a garage varies according to site. 


Can I build a garage under the house out of block on a hill site Yes

Is a heat-pump the only heating option? Yes, although Solar Heating is also available as an option.

What is the cladding made of? Coloursteel

What sort of lighting, internal and external? Most lighting uses LED systems.

What are the finishing’s like tap ware etc made off/look? Sinks have chromed brass dual faucet; all other taps are brass with chrome

How will the externals age, permanent colours? All paintwork will age over time. We use very high UV resistant paints, but it would be a good estimate to have a minimum of 10 years use before repainting is required.


How long will delivery be after I order my home?. From order to completion on site is approximately three to four months which allows time for consents and permits, foundation installation and site work.

Will there be replacements available in NZ, IE door handles, taps etc? Yes – we carry and extensive range in our Depot.

If the iron breaks down within a year, who will fix it? All materials carry a 10 year guarantee and the company will arrange for remedial action

Can I get a 10 year master builders cover on workman ship? Yes. The guarantee also extends to all materials

Does it cost me more to insure modular homes? No – but actual insurance costs depend on your choice of company